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I really enjoy receiving newsletters from Simple Truths. Besides their site updates, they regularly include in their correspondences beautiful excerpts from books they are currently promoting, so even if you could not secure (just yet) a copy, you could at least get a hindsight of what you can learn from the book currently offered.

Here are some excerpts from the latest book they are promoting, a lot of beautiful insights can be grasped here:

Sandbox Wisdom by Tom Asacker

Sandbox Wisdom revisits our childhood to see what we should strive to rekindle as adults.

Fun, Laughter, and Enthusiasm...We should strive to keep that childlike spirit in our work and our play. When we grow up we take ourselves way too seriously, and sometimes we become a heart attack waiting to happen.

No Limit Thinking...As children we believe that we might become president, a great artist or a great explorer. But as adults we begin to put fences around those dreams.

No Inhibitions...Children speak from the heart, and as adults we should strive to do more of that.

Read People and Situations...Children can see past the trappings of material success and see into the core of people. As we grow older we begin to label people, and as the saying goes, "labeling is disabling."

Creativity and Imagination...A great philosopher once observed, "Genius is childhood recaptured at will." The imagination and creativity we had at five too often begins to fade at fifteen.

Hope you learned something from all these, I sure did today.


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