Dramatic Chipmunk On A Borderless Adventure

Who could forget that 5-second Dramatic Chipmunk (DC) video which spread like wildfire on the internet? Receiving tens of millions of views across the Net and hailed by People Magazine as one of the Top 10 Wildest Stars of You Tube when it was first released in 2007, this Dramatic Chipmunk has indeed gone places.

The Dramatic Chipmunk's break out video is actually from LG, and they have  recreated 4 more videos showing this little fellow's attempt to live borderless as he goes out for an adventure and travels the world. These videos are in conjunction with LG's current campaign called "Live Borderless" -- it's a fun contest open to all, and the prize is definitely enticing: round-the world business class ticket which would allow you 80 days of travel and US$100,000 prize money at your disposal.

To join the contest, all you have to do is to submit either a video or an essay telling how you intend to use the "prize" - it's that simple. By March 2010, a short-list of six entries will be selected by visitors to the website; these six will then be brought to Dubai, UAE for a final round of selection via a judging panel. The selected winner then gets to take the journey they suggested, business class all the way with $100,000 in their back pocket. Part of LG's objective in this campaign is to study the social dynamics of the world, to see whether people would be more inclined to use the prize all for fun/all for themselves or to use it as an opportunity to help others in need. Well, if I were to win, I'd make sure I will have a balance of both.

Head over to LG's Live Borderless website now, you have nothing to lose by simply sharing wishful thinking, right? I'm definitely joining, just finishing up on my essay entry.

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jr041283 said...


I have included your URL into my EntreCard add on widget. It is actually an improved version of a droppers list.

To learn more about the program go to http://www.jr041283.com/2010/01/spread-love.html

I am hoping to hear from you soon. Happy blogging.

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